We go on depleting our forest resources for our various needs, there will come a time when trees will become a piece to exhibit rather than something that you see outside your window.

Shirdi Industries Ltd. has come out with an eco-friendly range of products for the interior industry. Till recently plywood replaced substantial use of solid wood in the burgeoning furniture industry. However, in the manufacture of plywood, it is difficult to use the roots, branches, upper top, and the interior core of the timber and there are limitations in size, core gap, uniformity, and workmanship of plywood for mass production. Moreover, this leads to cutting of trees and adversely affects the ecological balance. Therefore, in recent past, the use of plywood has been replaced with Particle Boards and MDF Boards worldwide, wherein over 95% of wood available in tree can be used for manufacture of these boards.This is possible due to the process of chipping in the place of peeling and proves to be highly economical, speedy, exceptional as well as eco-friendly.

We use mdf (medium density fibre board) with green guard rating certificate.
Look for the key features as listed below.

Medium density fibre board is the newest development in the wood panel industry. It is made from wood and other lignocellulosic materials, refined into fibres and reconstituted with a resin binder which is carried out at elevated temperature and pressure, and then sanded to uniform and precise thickness to get best quality plain and prelaminated MDF boards. Our entire range of Medium Density Fibre products conforms to BIS standards and bears the ECO MARK.  
MDF is widely used in drawers, cabinets, shelving,
moulding and doors. It may be covered with a wood
veneerin applications where a solid wood
appearance is desired.
High screw holding strength, High screw holding
strength. Edges do not split as it has a single solid core.
  Eco-friendly, since it uses lops and tops of fast growing species of plantation wood, thus preserving forest  
  Uniform density properties ensure resemblance to natural wood and freedom from knots and twists.  
  Available in a wide range of pastel shades in wood grain and in thicknesses from 8 mm to 25 mm.  
  Available in exterior and interior grades and in variants of single-sided and double-sided laminations.  
  High internal bond.  
  Strong load bearing panel.  
  High modulus of rupture.  
  Smooth surface, thus does not require finishing.  
  Does not warp, bend or change even when exposed to humid conditions.  
  Can be moulded & routed to give any shape.  
  As the laminated decorative paper forms an integral part of the board, de-lamination doesn’t occur under  
    even the most adverse usage.  
  Smooth surface, with uniform density and high internal bond, make it ideal for turning, milling, carving,  
    grooving, painting and lacquering.  
  Free from defects of waviness, telescopy, air pockets or other bonding defects.  
  Excellent machinability characteristics enable mass production possibilities.  
  Other precision machining operations, including edges, contouring and profiling too can be performed.  
  Our pre-laminated MDF board is resistant to abrasion, household chemicals, steam, cigarette burns and  
  Provides superior strength combined with workability in all directions.  
  High dimensional stability in variable atmospheric conditions.  
  No stress points or whorls.  
  Does not splinter or flake.  
  Highly economical.